Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(Chic Mom) One Step Ahead...

I had been doing this with my step daughter and yesterday realized the importance more than ever.
Tip of the Day... buy one year in advance. Especially, for the holidays.
With the baby's arrival I now have to buy matching or correlating outfits for her and my stepdaughter for every Holiday. Making it especially hard because of their difference in size. Baby clothes stop at size 5t or 6X  and size 7 starts at size 2t. It's almost impossible to find a matching outfit in 3 months and 7 yrs. When I did find them, they were over $70 each. But, when the season is over I will be able to buy their Easter outfits for next year 50-75%. Children's clothes are not trendy enough to be out of style next year. I will also be able to get their matching shoes at the end of the summer season.

Keep a notebook for a Children's "wish list." That will help stop you from impulse shopping.
It's so easy to get trapped buying things because they're cute.  Then they don't get worn before they outgrow them. Look at your child's wardrobe and write down everything that's needed. "Green shoes for the pink dress" etc... Keep it in your purse at ALL times. Jot it down in notes on your phone. I even take pictures of the things I am matching so I can look at the clothes while shopping. You can do this for yourself also. I personally don't have as big a problem impulse buying for myself. But, when I see anything in a teeny tiny size I squeal in excitement and almost can't control myself. Program yourself to pull your phone out and look at the list first.

When the Holiday or Season is over, buy your clothes a size up for next year.
I have stocked up on skorts (great play clothes for summer) for my stepdaughter at 75cents each at Target.
I know when it is 40 degrees you aren't thinking about shorts. But, you will begin to program yourself to think a year in advance and save TONS.

Did I spend $140 on Easter outfits? No, I got lucky and found something I liked on Zullily.com.
I am going a little more casual than planned and they are not specific to Easter so they will be able to wear them again. I'll save the purchase of dressy Easter things till the week after for next year. I just wasn't thinking like this while pregnant last year (I was more concerned with my own growing tush). I got their outfits 50% even with shipping and only spent $47. Later the same day I went out shopping again and found the same collection of "Baby LuLu" full priced. So, it was really nice to see my deal was from this season.
I can't even imagine life now without.... 
Being a member to these sites makes life so much easier. Get most your deals without having to leave your house and fight the clearance racks!
Just remember...if it's a great buy but not in season (velvet dress when it's 90 degrees outside)
buy one size up for next year.

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