Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deal of the Day!
I am a subscriber to (thanks Belinda) and got a great e-mail today about a sale at $25 restaurant gift coupons for $2!!!! I bought TEN! Two of our favorite restaurants were participating (one, a sushi place in almost walking distance).

Even you don't feel like joining MrRebates (yes, I will also get a tiny rebate), you can just go to, pick your restaurants based on your zip code ($25 only) and at checkout put STEAK 
in as your promo code.

Please read all the restrictions. Some restaurants did not include Fri. or Sat. and some let you include alcohol (rare). This sale is thru the tomorrow.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oomfy's- helping orphaned animals

I grew up with bad allergies and developed Asthma by the age of six. It was heart breaking when Doctors told my mother she needed to toss ALL my stuffed animals because they harbored dust mites that made me sicker. I remember one thing she let me keep, my "Cat In The Hat." It was my favorite and she simply kept it washed.
Those stuffed animals we all love winning at Six Flags or local Carnivals are THE worst. Made of polyester and filled with non-biodegradable styrofoam balls- ugh! All gone in a flash, horrific for any five year old.

So, I decided that I'd never put my little one through that and requested no stuffed animals at her Baby Shower. Over the years I'm sure we will gather a few. However, they will be 100% cotton, washable and have "reason" what ever that reason may be at that moment other than, "MOMMY I WANT IT!"

This is why I love Oomfy's. Eco firendly, helping orphaned animals and just adorable!
I planned to get one for every child in my husbands family for Christmas last year. But, my little one was born Christmas week and the Holiday season fell second to many things (mostly me laying feet up in a Lazy Boy, borrowed to us by the in laws because of course we don't own one).
So, maybe this year we can all get one for a special child...

Go to
Where to buy in the Memphis area...
Purple Pickle
8295 Hwy 178
Olive Branch, MS 38654

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Deal of the Day!

I have been using this under Eye Cream Pen for a few years and LOVE it! I love that it's in a pen so I don't have to waste any on my fingers. Best of all, it seems to work well on my early morning puffy eyes and it's light weight. Heavier creams tend to make my under eye cover up, crease.

It's 40% off at today. You don't pay for tax however, you pay for shipping.
I've been buying Skyn at Sephora (love Sephora) for $20 and my city tax of 9.75% = 21.95.
Haute price 11.95 + 5.95 shipping = $17.90. savings of 18.5%.
Not bad when you consider cosmetics never go one sale. Not usually, unless they're being discontinued.

Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Pen
$11.99$20.00 40% off


I may be uber cheap but there is one rule of thumb I was reminded of today...
$80 shoes last half as long as long as $160 shoes, but $320 shoes will last a life time.

So true! I will spend $80 and (way) less for shoes but, I'll never expect them to last long. Just for the season really. However, the shoes that are in my closet that are over 5 years old and I still wear, are all Prada and Jimmy Choo. As a matter of fact, I have a pair of Jimmy Choo boots that had a horribly embarrassing heel mishap. They were purchased at Ikram but, I went to the original source and called Jimmy Choo in New York asking for their "suggestion." I was told to ship them back and they would replace both heels to the current style of the season. How much?.... only $25 for the shipping!!!
Nine West replacing heels? Not.

There is nothing better than a $15 Target little black dress paired up with pink flowered 5" Prada heels. Your dress now looks like Prada. You can fool people with clothing but, never with your shoes. If you wear your clothes well and they aren't wearing should automatically look like you spent a lot more than you did. However, you can NEVER fool me with your shoes or bag. I know they are from Target, Nine West, or Chanel. I can tell at a glance that they were made so masterfully that you will  be putting them in your Will.
Don't get me wrong there is a time and place for cheap shoes. I miss being able to run into Baker's Shoes for a $15 pair of one time use New Year's shoes. Also, my other "go to" favorite pair of shoes (10 yrs old) are my black Chuck Taylors. I sometimes think of buying a new shiney pair but freak at the price tag of $40. I refuse to pay more than $19.99 for them. Go figure.

My next post is on all the fabulous high-end Designers that I've sold over the years at Neiman Marcus and Ikram. Now, showing up on the spring racks at Target.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


An old employee of mine from Sausalito, CA just contacted me through Facebook.
I hired her as a slightly awkward and shy 17 yr old and she has become a self assured 21 yr old BOMBSHELL.
I like to think that her retail stint with me set her on that path ;)
Anyway she sent me a link to what her mother is doing right now. As it falls in line with my "Eco" I felt the need to share it. Here are a couple things I'll be buying and then there are some baby items I'll buy later.
Natural Clay Powder Cleaner
Natural scrub, can be used outside and all around the house. It will remove stubborn stains on all surfaces: copper, silver, stainless steel, tiles, ceramics, hard plastics 

Self Tanning Milk-
Almond & Verbena 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(Chic Mom) DIY everything!

Learn to make bows and hair decorations. NEVER pay for them as they cost a minimum of $3 to $40 each and only cost 25 cent to $1 to make.

I will be making a tutorial on how to make these and post it later.
I will be selling them on my website and Etsy for those that just don't have the time.

(Chic Mom) One Step Ahead...

I had been doing this with my step daughter and yesterday realized the importance more than ever.
Tip of the Day... buy one year in advance. Especially, for the holidays.
With the baby's arrival I now have to buy matching or correlating outfits for her and my stepdaughter for every Holiday. Making it especially hard because of their difference in size. Baby clothes stop at size 5t or 6X  and size 7 starts at size 2t. It's almost impossible to find a matching outfit in 3 months and 7 yrs. When I did find them, they were over $70 each. But, when the season is over I will be able to buy their Easter outfits for next year 50-75%. Children's clothes are not trendy enough to be out of style next year. I will also be able to get their matching shoes at the end of the summer season.

Keep a notebook for a Children's "wish list." That will help stop you from impulse shopping.
It's so easy to get trapped buying things because they're cute.  Then they don't get worn before they outgrow them. Look at your child's wardrobe and write down everything that's needed. "Green shoes for the pink dress" etc... Keep it in your purse at ALL times. Jot it down in notes on your phone. I even take pictures of the things I am matching so I can look at the clothes while shopping. You can do this for yourself also. I personally don't have as big a problem impulse buying for myself. But, when I see anything in a teeny tiny size I squeal in excitement and almost can't control myself. Program yourself to pull your phone out and look at the list first.

When the Holiday or Season is over, buy your clothes a size up for next year.
I have stocked up on skorts (great play clothes for summer) for my stepdaughter at 75cents each at Target.
I know when it is 40 degrees you aren't thinking about shorts. But, you will begin to program yourself to think a year in advance and save TONS.

Did I spend $140 on Easter outfits? No, I got lucky and found something I liked on
I am going a little more casual than planned and they are not specific to Easter so they will be able to wear them again. I'll save the purchase of dressy Easter things till the week after for next year. I just wasn't thinking like this while pregnant last year (I was more concerned with my own growing tush). I got their outfits 50% even with shipping and only spent $47. Later the same day I went out shopping again and found the same collection of "Baby LuLu" full priced. So, it was really nice to see my deal was from this season.
I can't even imagine life now without....
Being a member to these sites makes life so much easier. Get most your deals without having to leave your house and fight the clearance racks!
Just remember...if it's a great buy but not in season (velvet dress when it's 90 degrees outside)
buy one size up for next year.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pardon our dust....

I am still learning how to design on Blogger. Soon it will look more like a real website and I'll have tabs to find information easier. Everything will be categorized like I'll have a "tab" for cloth diapering deals etc...
When I get accustomed of all of it, I will move it to

I'll probably wait until I finish my designs. Which will have to wait until I learn how to use this sewing machine lol. I'm a quick learner ;)

(Eco Mom) DEAL OF THE DAY....

While this is a good deal because like I mentioned cloth diapers don't go on "sale"...
you do have to pay for shipping on this website.

Spend $59 and receive a FREE one-size diaper. (value of $17). 
You can use the LUCKYDIPE coupon code at twice!!!
Rules for code:
Limit 1 code per order. Limit 2 uses per customer. KC chooses brand and style of one size diaper. Excludes the purchase of gift certificates. Can expire at anytime.
Simplify your life with cloth diapers at Kelly's Closet! We have everything you need to make your experience with cloth diapers positive.

Monday, March 7, 2011

(Eco Mom) Flip cloth diapering system....

The option I purchased for traveling. Having a big bulky dirty cloth diaper in your diaper bag until you get home was just a little too icky for me (especially if on a plane). So here is a "hybrid" option. It is a "cloth" on the outside but has disposable inserts. Not toxic and not as much waste on the environment. It also has cloth inserts for when you are at home.
They must be good as everyone has been back ordered on them and I've been waiting for them for quite awhile. They should arrive today and I am so excited! They are actually the only thing I have paid full price for. However, I did spend two months looking for a deal and never found one, so I took the plunge.

G-Diapers has the same type of system and their idea is even better. The disposable inserts biodegrade right in front of your eyes (well mostly) in the toilet. However, they are lined with a plastic insert that irritated my babies skin. While the outer cloth fit well the plastic was too tight and left red marks. Then when loosened, she would leak out of the plastic liner. I will tell you though that the company has WONDERFUL customer service!!! When I wrote to them about my problem (because I thought I ruined them buy washing them in hot water) they sent me three new plastic inserts. I basically told them "I" ruined them and they still sent me more free of charge. I REALLY wish they worked for me. Also, you can find these on E-bay and not feel as grossed out about purchasing used, because the inserts would be new.
I'll tell you the outcome....yes they biodegrade right in front of your eyes with a few swishes from the swish stick that it comes with.

(Eco Mom) Cure all for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar!

While nursing and looking down at my little one, I notice a few flakes on her precious little head. Cradle cap, perfectly normal. So, while she is eating I begin nervously brushing her head with an extremely soft baby brush. To my surprise more and more flakes appear with every stroke. Uggh, now I'm like a little monkey going to town on my baby's head.
Finally, I stop and think "Apple Cider Vinegar?!" Let's Google this. Sure enough, I find it's a great cure.
I dilute the vinegar with some hot water to make it warm and rub her entire head with it three different times during the day and then at night wash her head in the bath. And of course, it looks so much better today already.
Cleans, floors, anything streak free.
The scent brings back fond memories. Back to days as a child when others cleaned after me (good times good times). Our Polish maids used it on everything.
Hair...gets rid of dandruff (for me with only one use). Can be used to condition and make hair shiny. 
Also, used regularly in the 80s to keep my perm (lol) from loosing it's curl.
High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Acne, digestive problems. weight loss.
Thrush...A horribly painful phenomena that sometimes happens during nursing. I believe tons of women get it unknowingly and quite breast feeding from the pain. All the while, had they known it was Thrush and used Apple Cider Vinegar on both their breasts and babies tushie...they would be cured of the pain. It works like an antibacterial.
A miracle really! Tell me what you can't use it for?!!