Monday, March 7, 2011

(Eco Mom) Flip cloth diapering system....

The option I purchased for traveling. Having a big bulky dirty cloth diaper in your diaper bag until you get home was just a little too icky for me (especially if on a plane). So here is a "hybrid" option. It is a "cloth" on the outside but has disposable inserts. Not toxic and not as much waste on the environment. It also has cloth inserts for when you are at home.
They must be good as everyone has been back ordered on them and I've been waiting for them for quite awhile. They should arrive today and I am so excited! They are actually the only thing I have paid full price for. However, I did spend two months looking for a deal and never found one, so I took the plunge.

G-Diapers has the same type of system and their idea is even better. The disposable inserts biodegrade right in front of your eyes (well mostly) in the toilet. However, they are lined with a plastic insert that irritated my babies skin. While the outer cloth fit well the plastic was too tight and left red marks. Then when loosened, she would leak out of the plastic liner. I will tell you though that the company has WONDERFUL customer service!!! When I wrote to them about my problem (because I thought I ruined them buy washing them in hot water) they sent me three new plastic inserts. I basically told them "I" ruined them and they still sent me more free of charge. I REALLY wish they worked for me. Also, you can find these on E-bay and not feel as grossed out about purchasing used, because the inserts would be new.
I'll tell you the outcome....yes they biodegrade right in front of your eyes with a few swishes from the swish stick that it comes with.

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