Monday, March 7, 2011

(Eco Mom) Cure all for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar!

While nursing and looking down at my little one, I notice a few flakes on her precious little head. Cradle cap, perfectly normal. So, while she is eating I begin nervously brushing her head with an extremely soft baby brush. To my surprise more and more flakes appear with every stroke. Uggh, now I'm like a little monkey going to town on my baby's head.
Finally, I stop and think "Apple Cider Vinegar?!" Let's Google this. Sure enough, I find it's a great cure.
I dilute the vinegar with some hot water to make it warm and rub her entire head with it three different times during the day and then at night wash her head in the bath. And of course, it looks so much better today already.
Cleans, floors, anything streak free.
The scent brings back fond memories. Back to days as a child when others cleaned after me (good times good times). Our Polish maids used it on everything.
Hair...gets rid of dandruff (for me with only one use). Can be used to condition and make hair shiny. 
Also, used regularly in the 80s to keep my perm (lol) from loosing it's curl.
High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Acne, digestive problems. weight loss.
Thrush...A horribly painful phenomena that sometimes happens during nursing. I believe tons of women get it unknowingly and quite breast feeding from the pain. All the while, had they known it was Thrush and used Apple Cider Vinegar on both their breasts and babies tushie...they would be cured of the pain. It works like an antibacterial.
A miracle really! Tell me what you can't use it for?!!

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