Friday, April 1, 2011

Oomfy's- helping orphaned animals

I grew up with bad allergies and developed Asthma by the age of six. It was heart breaking when Doctors told my mother she needed to toss ALL my stuffed animals because they harbored dust mites that made me sicker. I remember one thing she let me keep, my "Cat In The Hat." It was my favorite and she simply kept it washed.
Those stuffed animals we all love winning at Six Flags or local Carnivals are THE worst. Made of polyester and filled with non-biodegradable styrofoam balls- ugh! All gone in a flash, horrific for any five year old.

So, I decided that I'd never put my little one through that and requested no stuffed animals at her Baby Shower. Over the years I'm sure we will gather a few. However, they will be 100% cotton, washable and have "reason" what ever that reason may be at that moment other than, "MOMMY I WANT IT!"

This is why I love Oomfy's. Eco firendly, helping orphaned animals and just adorable!
I planned to get one for every child in my husbands family for Christmas last year. But, my little one was born Christmas week and the Holiday season fell second to many things (mostly me laying feet up in a Lazy Boy, borrowed to us by the in laws because of course we don't own one).
So, maybe this year we can all get one for a special child...

Go to
Where to buy in the Memphis area...
Purple Pickle
8295 Hwy 178
Olive Branch, MS 38654

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