Wednesday, March 23, 2011


An old employee of mine from Sausalito, CA just contacted me through Facebook.
I hired her as a slightly awkward and shy 17 yr old and she has become a self assured 21 yr old BOMBSHELL.
I like to think that her retail stint with me set her on that path ;)
Anyway she sent me a link to what her mother is doing right now. As it falls in line with my "Eco" I felt the need to share it. Here are a couple things I'll be buying and then there are some baby items I'll buy later.
Natural Clay Powder Cleaner
Natural scrub, can be used outside and all around the house. It will remove stubborn stains on all surfaces: copper, silver, stainless steel, tiles, ceramics, hard plastics 

Self Tanning Milk-
Almond & Verbena 

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