Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I may be uber cheap but there is one rule of thumb I was reminded of today...
$80 shoes last half as long as long as $160 shoes, but $320 shoes will last a life time.

So true! I will spend $80 and (way) less for shoes but, I'll never expect them to last long. Just for the season really. However, the shoes that are in my closet that are over 5 years old and I still wear, are all Prada and Jimmy Choo. As a matter of fact, I have a pair of Jimmy Choo boots that had a horribly embarrassing heel mishap. They were purchased at Ikram but, I went to the original source and called Jimmy Choo in New York asking for their "suggestion." I was told to ship them back and they would replace both heels to the current style of the season. How much?.... only $25 for the shipping!!!
Nine West replacing heels? Not.

There is nothing better than a $15 Target little black dress paired up with pink flowered 5" Prada heels. Your dress now looks like Prada. You can fool people with clothing but, never with your shoes. If you wear your clothes well and they aren't wearing should automatically look like you spent a lot more than you did. However, you can NEVER fool me with your shoes or bag. I know they are from Target, Nine West, or Chanel. I can tell at a glance that they were made so masterfully that you will  be putting them in your Will.
Don't get me wrong there is a time and place for cheap shoes. I miss being able to run into Baker's Shoes for a $15 pair of one time use New Year's shoes. Also, my other "go to" favorite pair of shoes (10 yrs old) are my black Chuck Taylors. I sometimes think of buying a new shiney pair but freak at the price tag of $40. I refuse to pay more than $19.99 for them. Go figure.

My next post is on all the fabulous high-end Designers that I've sold over the years at Neiman Marcus and Ikram. Now, showing up on the spring racks at Target.

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