Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who am I?

First time Mom over 40
Retail Guru with a specialty in Merchandising. Worked everywhere from Prada (Chicago) to Target (Memphis) with stints in between...Colorado, Nashville, Cali all along the coast-Sausalito to Laguna Beach.
Once an impulsive brat that chose mostly designer everything, I am now a cheap bitch. I want to to look like a million bucks but won't spend much more than $20 on anything and that is only after I have spent days comparison pricing.
Creative Type. Don't tell me how to do it or where to buy it. I want to think of it and create it myself.
Why give someone else my money when I can usually do it better myself?!

Reasons for this blog....
help give...
Advice and a shoulder for women who think they may be infertile. 
Advice on how to be the best Step Mother you can be, given any circumstance.
(Step Parent for over ten years)
Advice on how to do everything on the cheap and look great.
Advice on how to be a "Green Mom." 
(Buying and using cloth diapers).
Most importantly...
a place for me to vent and reach out to others while couped up.

My entire life I have lived "Downtown." I grew up in high rise apartment buildings in Chicago's Gold Coast with elevators as my playground. For the first time in my life I live in a house in a Suburb with a yard. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I live on a lovely lake which, has been a dream for me. Far from the celebrity type of jet setting life style I lived for many years. But I have NEVER been happier!!!
We have lived here less than a year, moved in while I was pregnant and now have a 2 months old.
Therfore the remodeling has barely begun and now I have a child attached to my chest.
So, with only one hand free...
I will begin to write.

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